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Frequently Asked Questions
What are your hours?
Appointments are available Monday through Friday. After school and evening appointments are available on Mondays and Wednesdays. Training in the Gottman Method, The Gottman workshops for couples, the Art & Science of Love, are offered on select weekends.
Do you take insurance?
As a fee for service practice, payment is expected at the time of service. A superbill will be provided to you that you can submit to your insurance company and they will reimburse you directly. As an out of network provider for insurance plans, the rates of reimbursement vary widely depending upon your individual plan and your deductibles. You may want to consult with you insurance company to determine how much of the fee will reimbursed.
Can you work with my son/daughter if my ex-wife doesn't want him/her to see a psychologist?
It is best if both parents are in agreement regarding the psychological treatment of their child or teen. In order for a psychologist to work with a minor, written permission from all parties who are legally responsible for that minor must be obtained. If there is a shared parenting agreement, both parents must provide their written consent in order for treatment to begin, unless the parenting agreement stipulates otherwise.
What if my child/teenager doesn't want to see a psychologist?
It is common for many children and teenagers to be reluctant about seeing a psychologist. Take his/her reluctance as an opportunity to empathize and validate his/her feelings about it. Then, it is important to be positive and frame psychotherapy as an opportunity to understand and solve their difficulties. Be sure to emphasize that there is nothing wrong or defective about him/her and that it is your job to help them get the help they need to feel happy, healthy and to thrive. Once therapy has begun, most children and teens enjoy coming in, and are glad to begin to feel better or develop new skills for coping with whatever challenges they are facing.
What are your fees?
For individuals, the cost for the initial intake appointment and subsequent 50 minute sessions is $175. The fee for a 90 minute session is $300.

For couples, the initial intake session, which includes the administration and scoring of the Gottman Relationship Check-Up, is $340 for 90 minutes. Subsequent 50 minute sessions are $175, 90 minute sessions are $300 and 120 minute sessions are $400. Marathon work of 3 hour blocks on is $660, offered on select Saturdays.