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We all want to be engaged with our lives with vigor, direction and passion. Our true nature — and the way our brains are wired — is with a deep yearning for joy, love, and connection. Yet, we can get completely thrown off course by stressful jobs, challenging relationships, financial uncertainties, etc. At times can feel that life is just a grind, rather than a gift to be enjoyed.

The stresses of day to day life and the steady stream of news of climate change, terrorists, a faltering economy, spread of deadly viruses, and more can all activate the part of us that is wired for survival. It can leave us feeling as though we’re always waiting for the next round of bad news.

Our survival wiring keeps us on the lookout for some form of danger right around the corner. This vigilance, often referred to as our fight, flight, freeze response activates the body to take action and protect itself. This is adaptive when confronted with real threats to our survival. However, when we keep ourselves in a hyper-vigilant state, over time there is a gradual wearing down of our energy, resilience, and immune system, making it difficult to simply enjoy life.

When this survival mode dominates, we form entrenched habits and find ourselves getting quickly frustrated or fearful, or eager to escape the pressures. These habitual reactions keep us trapped in what has been called the Karpman Triangle, Victim Triangle or Drama Triangle. Although the habits or roles have been well documented with regard to family or organizational dynamics, little is written about how to get out of this survival pattern and truly thrive. Dr. Doug J. Moore and I have a developed a model that helps you learn how to free yourself from the trap of the Survival Triangle™ and to develop your capacity to thrive.

Our work offers a unique opportunity to explore the many ways we experience automatic reactions with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. With the benefit of neuroscience, mindfulness, energy medicine and energy psychology, specific skills will be learned and practiced that allow for a shift quickly and easily out of this reactive mode and into a thriving mode. We offer a roadmap to thrive that allows us to stay grounded, open-hearted and proactive in the midst of even the most difficult life challenges.
10 Essential Practices for True Thriving®
Evolve Consciously
Our growth, development, and evolution continue from early childhood through our final days. Mindful living facilitates conscious awareness and allows us to set clear intentions regarding our life direction. Consciously choosing a path of vibrant health allows for the unfolding of our hidden potential.

Rewire Surviving to Thriving
Skills can be learned and practiced that allow us to shift more quickly and easily out of a reactive, victim mode and into a thriving mode. The victim mode is characterized by our hard-wired response to perceive threats with an automatic reaction called the Fight, Flight, Freeze response. This is adaptive when confronted with real threats to our survival. However, we can keep ourselves in a hyper-vigilant state with everyday personal, relational, cultural, and environmental challenges. We are also wired for joy as demonstrated by numerous endorphin pathways and opiate receptors in the brain. True Thriving® Practices activate the built-in joy receptors and transform our victim like reactions into thriving opportunities.

Cultivate Flow
The essential qualities and skills that facilitate True Thriving® and cultivate flow naturally fall in to three broad categories: Awareness, Openness, and Self-Regulation. Within the Awareness category, mindfulness, grounding, and meditation help us to bring a conscious presence or awareness to our daily lives. We cultivate Openness through receptivity, curiosity, and acceptance of ourselves and life as it unfolds. Equally important are those qualities and skills that allow us to regulate our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Self-Regulation uses awareness, openness, nurturing support, discipline, determination, perseverance, and the ability to delay gratification.

Change Your Brain
Neuroscience and related fields have illuminated the malleable nature of our brains and nervous systems. We now know that longstanding, entrenched patterns of perceiving and behaving can be shifted and changed. Mindfulness practices and meditation change the physical structures of the brain associated with emotional regulation and our automatic fight, flight, freeze responses.

Embrace Your Emotions
All emotions are important vehicles on our path of self-discovery and transformation. They can act as doorways or as roadblocks to our growth and evolution. Rather than being caught in “survival mode” with emotional overwhelm and reactivity, we can learn to allow, accept and support ourselves through our strong feelings with compassion. As old hurts and destructive patterns are released, we create space for more love and compassion, and are more able to activate joy. When we are thriving we intentionally create more fun, joy, laughter and play amidst the demands of our busy lives.

Discover Your True Self
We can understand our true selves as we approach our personal work as curious explorers seeking to understand our lifelong tendencies and patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and relating to others. Many ways of conceptualizing our styles of being and relating exist, including the Five Elements from Chinese Medicine, the Four Sensory Types from Eden Energy Medicine, and the Enneagram. Enneagram Dynamics™ offers a map and a process that outlines and fosters our self-discovery and awakening. We use a combination of 9 life strategies to engage in life. These strategies are habitual perceptions, motivations, behaviors, and emotions that are mapped out using the Enneagram. By learning about the Enneagram we illuminate our automatic ways of responding that become our limited identity or personality. Each strategy becomes a portal to our awakening when we cultivate True Thriving® practices.

Balance Your Energies
The foundation of all life is Energy. Energy holds the habits of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Balanced and resilient energies are the core of True Thriving. As we learn to balance and harmonize our energies, we are able to shift out of unhealthy habits and return to our natural resilience. We learn fundamental ways to ground our energies so we can soar with our natural radiance.

Return to Balance
It can be a challenge to maintain balance as we go through tough times in life. Significant events such as a loss, an illness, a new baby, or a new job can pull us off center, and we need skillful ways to return to balance. As we develop a daily practice and a more mindful way of being throughout our daily lives, we can consciously bring more balance between important aspects of life. True Thriving™ practices bring balance to the following aspects: head, heart, and body; self and others; work and personal life; being and doing; yin and yang energies; and our humanness with our spiritual nature.

Evolve Through Relationships
We are wired as social beings — relationships are crucial to our development across our lifespan. Conscious relationships with ourselves and with others invite us to heal and thrive. As we do our personal work and are more aware of our reactive patterns and how to transform them, we bring a deeper level of presence to our interpersonal relationships. In turn, we can help create relationships that foster personal growth and transformation. As relationships transform, a global interconnectedness unites the species to further evolve in new and creative ways.

Thrive into Awakening
True Thriving® facilitates deep presence and living from our radiant heart or spiritual nature. As we are deeply present with whatever we are doing, we are able to live in harmony with one another and with the larger field of consciousness. Thrive into Awakening allows us to be the practices and for the trusting of life as a gift and an opportunity with endless potential.